Truffle mayonnaise

150g mayonnaise

1 tbsp truffle oil

25g honey

1 tbsp chopped truffle

1tsp yuzu juice

Burger sauce

30g mustard

80g ketchup

3g tabasco

100g truffle mayonnaise

Tofu bun

180g dry tofu (dry overnight in chiller with weight on top to remove water)

1 egg white

15ml mirin

15ml soya sauce

Salt, to season

Wagyu burger

45g ribeye

45g tenderloin steak

Salt and pepper, to season

To serve

25g white onion

Tempura flour, to cover onion

Vegetable oil

25g shitake mushroom

Knob of butter

1 tsp sake

1 tsp soy sauce

1 tsp mirin


Truffle mayonnaise

Mix all ingredients together and set aside.

Burger sauce

Mix all ingredients together and set aside.

Tofu bun

Mix all ingredients in a blender. Form four buns (45g each) and place in burger rings then cook in oven at 170c for 10-12 minutes. Allow to cool cut each one in two piece.

Wagyu burger

Chop ribeye and tenderloin. Mix with salt and pepper and give the same size of the ring that you use to cook the tofu and place in same size ring as used for tofu. Cook in a pan to preference.

To serve

Finely slice white onion, mix with tempura flour and fry until golden brown in a 160c oil. Finely slice some shitake mushroom then sautéed with butter, sake, soy and mirin. Put some burger sauce on both side of the tofu bun and the wagyu burger, shitake mushrooms, onion and the other piece of the bun on top, with one skewer in the middle.

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Photography by Jean Cazals