2baby cauliflower

200ml extra virgin olive oil

5g sea salt

4small vacuum bags

Cheese sauce

300ml full cream milk

50g black truffle (microplane)

15g thyme tips

20g extra virgin olive oil

150g grated Parmesan

5g salt

3g ground white pepper

3.5g perfected xanthan gum

Cep chips

4bouchon size cep mushrooms

Salt to season

Sautee mushrooms

4 cep mushrooms

16 shimeji mushrooms

50g French butter

Fresh thyme tips

Salt and pepper to taste

Cauliflower chips



Clarified butter for frying



Cut the baby Cauliflower’s in half, divide them between the vacuum bags and season with salt, place 50g of olive oil in each bag and vacuum on the tightest setting.Cook the cauliflowers at 85Cin a water bath for 30 minutes.Remove and blast chill, reheat when required for serving.

Cheese sauce

Place all the ingredients into a lab grade glass beaker.Put the beaker in to the poly science sonic prep and insert the sound wand.Set the sound out put to maximum and duty cycle to full for 3½ minutes.Once homogenized remove and keep warm ready to serve.

Cep chips

Blast freeze the cep mushrooms until solid.Thinly slice the mushrooms using a meat slicer and lay them on non stick dehydrator trays, dehydrate at 45C for 24 hours until crispy.Keep stored in the dehydrator until required

Sautee mushrooms

Sautee the mushrooms until golden, season to taste.

Cauliflower chips

Thinly slice the cauliflower using a mandolin, lay the slices on a dehydrator tray and dry over night.Fry till golden in clarified butter


Garnish with wild pea tendrils.