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A healthy diet plays an important role in cancer prevention which is why the team behind Think-Pink Belgium – part of a global campaign to help raise awareness of breast cancer – has partnered up with premium olive oil producer,123OLIVE, to promote the proper use of olive oil for cooking. Read on for more information and for a few of 123OLIVE’s delicious recipes to get you started…

Passionate aficionados the world over will know that olive oil plays an important role in many kinds of cooking. But what they might not know is that there are three main types of olive oil to use when preparing dishes that call for a drizzle of the good stuff.

For example, did you know that the oil used for cooking meat should be different from that used to, say, dress a salad? For example, olive oils used for cooking hot dishes should berefined using a purification process in which impurities are removed, givingthe olive oil a higher smoking point and leading to a healthier cooking process.

Which is where 123OLIVE and Think Pink and their latest collaboration steps in. While Think Pink is a Belgium-based campaign which works by informing, fundraising and researching ways to prevent the causes of breast cancer, 123 OLIVE producers premium olive oil with one main aim in mind: to provide passionate home cooks with the right knowledge and utensils for the proper use of olive oil while preparing dishes.

Frederick Snoeck from 123OLIVE says:”Together with you and Think-Pink we are joining forces in the battle against breast cancer. Per sales of 123OLIVE we donate a percentage of our revenue to Think-Pink to support their activities.”

123OLIVE: winners of the International Taste & Quality Institue’s ‘Superior Taste’ award, awarded by chefs and sommeliers

Solving the culinary conundrum of choosing the right oil for healthy cooking in three easy steps, 123OLIVE produce three specially selected olive oils for the three main preparations of cooking:

1- TASTE – use pure or as a finish for different ingredients

2- DRESS – for marrying spices with sauces or other cold preparations

3 – COOK – for all your hot dishes of vegetables, fish or meat

To help get you started, FOUR has asked 123 OLIVE to provide us with three delicious recipes to share with you, our readers, to try at home. The first, a simple French baguette with olive oil and grinded sea salt calls for 123OLIVE’s 1- TASTE olive oil, which is an extra virgin olive oil, made from Arbequina olives, specially selected for its pure taste that offers a long and flavourful finish with a peppery touch and unique scent of fresh green olives, apples and green tomatoes – perfect for dipping or finishing of various ingredients.

The second, a yellow pepper pesto, uses 123OLIVE’s 2 – DRESS olive oil, which is cold-pressed from Cobrançosa olives and yellow-gold in colour – perfect for combining with herbs, seasonings and in dressings or for other cold preparations.

The third recipe, blue steak, uses 123OLIVE’s 3 – COOK oil, which consists mainly of olive oil that has been refined using a purification process in which impurities are removed from the oil giving it ahigher smoking point and making it perfect foruse on all hot dishes featuring vegetables, meat or fish as well as for baking, roasting and grilling.Enjoy!

1 – TASTE : French baguette with olive oil


Crispy French baguette

1 – TASTE olive oil

Grinded sea salt


Cut the baguette diagonally into equal pieces.

Serve the 1-TASTE olive oil and grinded sea salt

in two separate small bowls. Present the pieces of

bread on a plate around the 1-TASTE olive oil and

the salt.

Delicious as an aperitif or with a good glass

of wine!

2 – DRESS : Yellow pepper pesto


2 yellow peppers

1 clove of garlic

50 ml olive oil 2 – DRESS

80 g parmesan

30 g pine nuts

1 shallot (chopped )

salt and pepper


Cut the peppers into pieces and remove the seeds.

Cook them in boiling salted water. Leave to cool.

Put in a blender along with the remaining ingredients and the olive oil 2 – DRESS.

Mix well in the blender.

Season to taste and pass through a sieve to remove the peel.

Serve with pasta, a salad or a delicious piece of lamb.

3 – COOK : Blue steak


200g beef (steak, filet)



3 – COOK olive oil


Remove the meat from the refrigerator some

time before cooking. Use a pan that is not

much bigger than the piece of meat. Dry the

meat and season with salt and pepper. Heat

the pan. Put 3-COOK olive oil in the pan and

wait until it warms up. Put the meat in the

pan and let it fry for 2 minutes on a high heat.

Turn the meat with a spatula (don’t stick in it)

and let it cook on the other side for 2 minutes.

Enjoy a good juicy piece of meat!

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123OLIVE’s the three bottles are available in a gift boxin English, French, German and Dutch and can be purchased via 123OLIVE’s international online shop or from specialty shops in Belgium. €46,50/gift box.

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Recipes: Simon Goyens Restaurant, Caterer and

Photography: Leen Weckhuyzen