The Tale of a German Craft Beer

19 Sep 2014
2 min read
“Life is too short to drink bad beer” is a slogan you cannot disagree with. We chatted with Alexander Himburg – CEO of Braukunstkeller – about how his German craft beer has become the best in the country…
In The Beginning…

Before creating Braukunstkeller,Alexander Himburg wasa Brew Master, and a Brew Master with a vision. Behind the scenes of his job, he was gathering ideas and creating recipes, which hebegan putting into practice in a mere 50 litres. He was a lone brewer, creating IPAs and hops, designing bottles and distributing his craft beer to to bottle shops in major cities all over Germany.

Braukunstkeller’s Big Bang

The craft beer geeksfell in love with Alexander’s beer, and demand rocketed. Since January 2013, the company has expanded exponentially from brewing50 litres to 5000 of the finest IPAs. “Why did this happen?”, we hear you ask. Well,although Germany is renowned for its beer, the quality has become diluted by mainstream, huge companies recently. People still remember what it is to drink a wonderful beer, but don’t know how to make it. So Alexander’s skills and Braukunstkeller’s craft beers – made with unique hops -tapped into those people’s memories and flooded them with IPA delights, and they lapped it up. Like the trend dictates, people aren’t looking for a great deal anymore, but rather quality produce that tastes great; it’s happening with bread, wine, meat, vodka, vegetables. And now with beer.

A Plateau of Craft Beer

Today, the bold, citrus-based, aromatic flavour of Braukunstkelleris creating an international beer-buzz.Scotland, England, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium,Spain, and Germany are welcoming the craft beer with open arms mouths. The favourite among women and menis the Amarsi IPA, which has won international awards for itsmango and orange taste. The citrus Pale Ale, grapefruit and pine-needle Laguna, and bitter Mandarina beers are the alternatives. Each tap into taste buds that probably haven’t been stimulatedin a while.

In The End…

Braukunstkeller should be in your fridge, waiting to tantalise your taste buds. Head tobraukunstkeller.deto find out where you can get hold of your very own craft delight. Enjoy!