Avocado rolls

50gr red tuna, diced

50gr razor clams, diced

60gr scallop, diced

1 avocado

1 lemon

2ml olive oil

2ml soy sauce

2ml rice vinegar

3ml sesame oil

To serve

2 sesame opaline

50g broccoli velouté mixed with 2 semi-salted anchovy

20g spicy grapefruit sorbet

4 leafs of nori

15gr tempura

6gr espelette pepper

10gr pea shoots

20gr shaved broccoli


Avocado rolls

Mix the tuna dice, razor clams and scallops dice together in a mixing bowl, season it with the sesame oil, the rice vinegar, the soy sauce, the olive oil, some salt and pepper.Peel the avocado, slice it in two then thinly in all the length.Fan out the avocado ,add some juice of a lemon to keep the natural colour.Garnish your avocado with the seafood mix and roll it.Dress it on a plate with a sesame opaline on top.

To serve

Cook some broccoli, cool it down and when its cold season it with olive oil, espelette pepper and salt ,dress it on your plate close to your rolls.Add some pea shoots season with olive oil and salt on top of your broccoli.Make a broccoli veloute with 50gr of broccoli,then blitz it with 2 semi salted anchovy, plate your veloute.On the side prepare 4 deep fried nori leaf in a mix of tempura and water.Makealso a grapefruit sorbet with espelette pepper.