Belonging to the world of dreams and fantasy, the story of The Hen that Laid the Golden Eggs“inspired” the whole world. Who never fantasized of such good fortune with that blessed hen? In this interior landscape, we combine autumn flavours and colours to raise collective imagery. We offer our patrons a journey to this fantasy world. The complexity and diversity of the ingredients and techniques used in this recipe follow the same guidelines: earth, the egg… the origin.

Serves 4



4 organic extra fresh large eggs

Cream of São Jorge Island’s Cheese

100g of gritted São Jorge island’s cheese

200g of cream

Texturized mushroom stock

500g of Paris mushrooms

30g garlic

100g onion

50g olive oil

Texturized black truffle juice

80ml of Perigord black truffle juice

0,3 g of xanthan

Fried bread crumble painted with cuttlefish ink

100g of traditional Portuguese bread from Alentejo grinded in the Bimby

10g of cuttlefish ink

0,2g salt

1 l of peanut oil for frying

Chicken sauce

1kg chicken wings

1,40 l mineral water

Leek straw

50g of finely julienned leek (only the white part without the core)

0,5 l of peanut oil for frying

5g salt

Sautéed Shimenji mushrooms

8 clean shimenji mushrooms

1 sprig of thyme

1 crushed garlic clover

16 g of unsalted butter

80 ml of mushroom stock

1,2 g salt



Wash the eggs carefully rubbing them with a brush. Boil the eggs S in bain-marie at 63º C for 35 minutes. Remove the eggs and dip them in cold water for 10 minutes. Then place them in iced water for 50 minutes. Dry well and put them in the fridge.

Cream of São Jorge Island’s cheese

Heat the cream in a small pot and add the gritted cheese. Let the cheese melt. Mix well and strain through a mesh sieve. Put aside.

Texturized mushroom stock

Wash the mushrooms carefully and chop them. In a thermal bottom pot, heat the olive oil and add the mushrooms. Caramelize well and add the crushed garlic cloves and the peeled shallot cut into rings. Caramelize a little more and add the butter. Mix well and cover with water. Let it boil for about one hour. Strain the stock through a sieve. Heat again and let it be reduced by half. Add the xanthan gum (0,5 g for each 100 ml) and mix with the blender. Adjust seasoning, let it cool, and put aside.

Note: Keep a little portion of non-texturized mushroom stock to sauté the shimenji mushrooms.

Texturized black truffle juice

Add the xanthan to the truffle juice and whizz in the blender until smooth. Remove the air with the vacuum machine.

Fried bread crumble painted with cuttlefish ink

Fry the bread in oil, pre-heated to 180º C, until golden and crispy. Remove and let it drain well on absorbent paper. Dissolve the cuttlefish ink in water and mix with the bread. Toss well and place it in a non-stick frying pan. Sauté the bread until it gets very crispy. Put aside. Store the crumble in vacuum.

Chicken sauce

Clean the chicken wings carefully and chop them. In a broad pot, heat the olive oil until it starts smoking lightly. Add the chicken wings and caramelize well on every side. Add a third of the water and let it dry to caramelize again. Repeat this procedure one more time and finish off with the last third of the water. Let it boil for a few minutes and strain the stock. Heat again and let it get reduced by half. Let it cool, and put aside.

Leek straw

Heat the oil to 140º C and fry the julienned leak until golden. Let it drain on absorbent paper and sprinkle with a pinch of salt.

Sautéed Shimenji mushrooms

Heat the egg for 15 minutes in bain-marie at 54º C.Sauté the shimenji mushrooms with the heated olive oil, garlic, thyme, salt and pepper. Add the mushroom stock and the butter. Heat the cream of São Jorge Island’s cheese, the texturized mushroom stock, and the texturized truffle juice. Heat the chicken sauce and combine with very cold butter. At the bottom of each plate, place the cream of São Jorge Island’s cheese, the truffle juice, the distilled earth, and the mushroom stock. Add a little bread crumble to serve as support base for the egg. On the sides, place the bacon and one hazelnut half. Put the egg and cover with a gold leaf. Surround the egg with bread crumble and season it with fleur de sel and black pepper. Add the mushrooms and the chicken sauce. Finish off by placing the leak straw on top of the egg and the sprouts on the sides. Serve immediately.

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