The Forbidden Rum

24 Oct 2014
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We tell you the tale of “El Ron Prohibido”; “forbidden for years; never forgotten”…

By the 1700s, the Spanish ships arrived into the new world filled with peninsular products and cellars full of raisin wine barrels to be unloaded at the New Spain. Instead of returning empty, these barrels with beverage remains were refilled with Ron “Chinguirito”, a sugar cane liquor produce in Mexico, to be shipped back to Spain.

On its way back the liquor received the gifts of wood and by the time it arrived to Spain, had exquisite features giving it a boom among the Spaniards and becoming a threat to the drinks of this country. Consequently, the King of Spain banned the production of the also called “Habanero” since the last stop to Spain was La Habana, Cuba.

Ron Prohibido is a premium artisan rum produced under a 12 year solera system. The truly distinctive taste, sweet and sour, is acquired by the combination of different blended rums aged in used raisin wine barrels. The resulted blend, is a wide range of flavors and deliciousaromas.

Ideal to drink straight and discover the sweet and wood notes given to this Premium rum by the unique fusion between the aged rum and the blending of the raisin wine barrels.

Forbidden Rum, Made


The first stage of the production is the extraction process, the cane is cut and squeeze in mills to extract the juice. After the first grinding a small amount of water is added for a second extraction, then the juice is filtered and clarified to get rid of residues.


The next step in this process that is achieved by using yeast. Water is added to dilute the juice and get better results. The resulting liquid after the fermentation process it’s called mosto or cane wine.


The mosto, or cane wine, is then distilled in copper pot stills and distillation columns.


Aged in American oak barrels that were used to rest raisin wine and from which, their characteristic aromas and flavors are obtained.

Solera System

Under the solera system, new rum batches are mixed with older batches. The rum combination from different ages, gives a complete sensory profile. The mix of El Ron Prohibido in used raisin wine barrels, improves the sweet and bitter notes making it different from other rums.

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