The 28th Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival

05 Sep 2014
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We live and travel in a global world, but when it comes to culinary pleasures our preference is close to nature and regional. We want healthy food on our plates – organic, ecologically grown foods (Soft Health). Another important trend is called ‘Food Pairing’, where long established flavour combinations are being replaced by new aroma pairings. The Scandinavians master both. They create close-to-nature culinary masterpieces that present the natural beauty of their countries and have caught the attention of the culinary world. It is therefore not surprising that they have become regular guest chefs de cuisine at our Gourmet Festival.

The “Kooperation Gastliches Wikingland e.V.” is organising the Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival /SHGF) and has once again succeeded in finding exciting elite chefs and the perfect stage for their culinary delicacies.

“This is how we continually present new trends to our guests and cooperation partners in order to broaden their culinary horizons and offer them new techniques and kitchen styles in a relaxing atmosphere. Stars, points, and pans are not the crucial factors, it is the mixture of new and traditional styles, creativity and innovation that is of major importance to us”, says Klaus Peter Willhöft, President of the “Kooperation Gastliches Wikingland e.V.”.

The opening gala

The opening gala of the 28th SHGF takes place on Sunday, 21st September 2014 in the VITALIA Seehotel by the big Segeberger Lake. 170 guests are invited to enjoy mouth watering culinary masterpieces created on the stove of local chef Heiko Zimmat by such elite chefs as 2-starred Maître Jörg Sackmann from the gourmet stronghold of Baiersbronn, who is one of Germany’s most experimental chefs, and Maria Groß from Restaurant ‘Clara’ in ‘Kaisersaa’ Erfurt, who is making her Festival debut with “Sensibility“. Another elite chef Paul Ivic comes from Austria. His diverse vegetarian kitchen style of restaurant ‘TIAN’ in Vienna won him a Michelin star in 2014. The fourth star of this elite quartet is Jesper Koch from Denmark, who has worked in as first-class international restaurants as the Haeberlin in Alsace and the Bagatelle in Oslo. He and his two brothers have established the gourmet temple ‘Koch’erier’ in Aarhus, Denmark.

Guest Chefs

19 guest chefs de cuisine, including one female, three Danes, and two Austrians will be weaving their magic of creativity, passion and skill from 21st September 2014 to 1st March 2015 in 15 partner hotels and restaurants.

“The main aim of the Festival is to draw attention to the first-class quality of Schleswig-Holstein’s locally grown products. Each guest chef de cuisine has his or her own personal style and technique, but they all share a strong passion for cooking and respect for genuine products”, says Klaus-Peter Willhöft explaining the success of the Festival.

The most decorated elite chef from Baiersbronn has paid tribute to the SHGF for 24 years. He carries the Federal Cross of Merit and that he cooks in the „Orangerie“ of the Maritim Seehotel during the SHGF comes close to a home track advantage. Three young trendsetters from the Scandinavian culinary avant-garde, Tommy Friis, Jesper Koch and Peter Madsen are crossing borders to delight us with their Nordic close-to-nature cuisine. Additional elite guest chefs de cuisine for 2014/2015 are: **Wolfgang Becker, *Sebastian Frank, *, **Dirk Hoberg,**Jens Jakob, **Michael Kempf, TV-Entertainer *Kolja Kleeberg, **, *Marco Müller, *Michael Röhm , **Christoph Rüffer, and for the first time “Germany’s best Chef 2014“, ** Diethard Urbansky. According to the four most established restaurant rating guides in Germany, theguest chefs de cuisine 2014 represent 26 Michelin stars, 270,5 Gault Millau points, 119 Gusto Pans and 51 Feinschmecker points.

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The LittleBlack Book
  • 28th Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival from 21 September 2014 to 1 March2015.
  • Organized by “Kooperation Gastliches Wikingland e. V.” since 1987
  • 15 partners and 31 events | Booking through the responsible partner
  • 19 guest chefs from Germany, Denmark, and Austria
  • Each partner sets the price within the range of €140-185, covering a 5-course menu with pairing drinks
  • Opening gala | 21September 2014 in VITALIA Seehotel at the price of €185
  • 8thTour de Gourmet Jeunesse: 11January 2015 for guests between the age of 18 and 35. Price: €80 covering a 4-course menu, pairing drinks and the Audi-Shuttle.