The 10 Best Dressed Chefs

18 Sep 2014
2 min read
We asked the pros at London Fashion Week who they thought were the ten best dress chefs, and here’s what they said…
WINNER |Andreas Caminada

Not just a 3 Michelin-starred chef, but Andreas Caminada was unanimously votedthe best dressed chef in the industry. Keeping it simple and classic, he compliments his slicked back hair and light stubble with black button-downs, biker jackets and suave scalves.

André Chiang

Clean-cut and smart,André rocks the smart casual look with white shirts, chinos and on-pointsuits. With his beautiful wife by his side, he set off sparks at culinary events. In 2011, Uniqlo put the well-dressed chef on their billboard campaigns, grounding him further as a fashionista.

Dominique Crenn

Dominique’s relaxed style, and tattooed sleeves add to her immenselycool allure. With loose shirts, quirky haircuts and a chilled out attitude, she definitely stands tall for the fashionable female chefs.

Fergus Henderson

Fergus Henderson is well known for his pin-striped suit (and what a suit it is!).Quirky and cool, he loves an off-the-cuff garm. His shirts are not crisp, but boy does he pull off the eccentric-suitlook like noone else. (We once saw him at a festival, rocking his pin-striped suit tucked into hisHunter wellies like noone else.)

Quique Dacosta

Smart and smooth seems like Quique’s mantra. Aside from white shirts and crisp suits, Quique embraces turtle necks, leather jackets, chunky scarfsand thick-rimmed specs.

Danny Bowien

Known for his hipstyle, Chef Bowien is massively on trend with his normcore dress sense. Abeanie perches on his long, dyed hair with a pair of quirky specs poking from underneath, and his tattooed arms tend to be wrapped in cool tshirts, bomber jackets or Varsity jackets. This chef couldn’t be cooler.

Sergio Herman

Rugged and tattoed, Sergio Herman does the ‘I threw this on’ look perfectly. A fan on the t-shirt and suit jacket look, Chef Herman’s messily styled hair and five o’clock shadow is on point at every event.

Anthony Bourdain

A man who understandsthe finer things in life, Anthony Bourdain enjoys a leather jacket and button downs. The celebrity chef has also made a considerable leap from his rocker style in his younger years, and become a fashion icon in the culinary world.

Yannick Alléno

Many swoon at ChefAlléno, and here’s everyone’s moment to celebrate why: he’s impeccably put together. Turtlenecks, slim suits, crisp shirts, slicked back hair, Yannick encapsulates French fashion with a littleje ne sais quoi.

Nuno Mendez

Perfectly on-trend with his beard and shabby-chic style, Nuno Mendez isn’t just a culinary master. He embraceshis silvering hairs by wearing itlong and shabby, with trendy jumpers, scalves and stripey tops.