Olive oil braised leek​

1kg leek

150g shallot, peeled, brunoise

100g extra virgin olive oil

100g carrot, peeled, brunoise

1 kg vegetable stock

20g fresh lemon juice

5g salt

5g granulated sugar

15g rice, baldo type

Sucuk powder

100g camel sucuk


300g octopus, 1 each

20ml extra virgin olive oil

1g black peppercorn

1g coriander seed

1ea lemon slice

2 bay leaves

2 thyme springs, fresh

300ml white vinegar

300ml water

Tarhana sauce

60g tarhana “Antep region”

15g tarhana “Devrek region”

30g red chili Paste (mild)

30g tomato paste

0,5Lchicken stock

10g butter

To serve

1 octopus leg

1 olive oil braised leek

5-6 slices of pickled green bean

3 chestnuts, peeled

Sucuk powder

Extra virgin olive oil


100g hot tarhana


Olive oil braised leek​

Sautee the shallots and carrot in extra virgin olive oil.Pour the vegetable stock on and quikly braise for a few minutes.Cut the leek into 2 cm length and put them into oven tray vertically.Pour the vegetable stock mix into leek and bake at 170 C for 1 hour.

Sucuk powder

Shave the sucuk very thin.Dry in the dryer at 50 C degrees for 24 hours.Make a powder in the thermomix at max speed.Keep airtight.


Blanch the octopus in the vinegar and water mix transfer to an ice bath.Marinade with salt, bay leaves, thyme, coriander, lemon, black peppercorn and olive oil then put in a vacuum bag.Vacuum the bag 100%.Cook in Sous Vide circulator at 70 C for 6 hours.Put the cooked bags into ice water directly and cool it down.Keep chilled in bags.

Tarhana sauce

Soak both Tarhanas (Antep and Devrek) in cold chicken stock for 30 minutes till they get soft.Transfer the tarhana mixture with liquid into the Vitamix blender then add the chili paste.Blend it at full power until it really smooth.Transfer the mixture into a sauce pan, add butter. Simmer low for about 5 minutes while whisking.Take the pot off the stove and transfer the hot mixture into the Vitamix blender then blend it again on full power for 1 more minute.Pass it through a drum sieve.

To serve

Slice the peeled chestnut very thin.Julienne the pickled green bean.Cut the cooked octopus into separate arms.Place on a sizzler platter and roast in a charcoal or wood burning oven until dark and dry on the outside.Arrange the octopus, slices of leek a small pile of green bean, chestuts slices, sucuk powder and pea shoots on a deep plate.Pour the tarhana tableside.

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