For the Miyazaki beef:
• 100g Beef Wagyu
• Salt & Pepper
• Seaweed Powder

1 From cold season beef & sear all sides on barbecue.
2 Temper the meat in a warm place so that it becomes room temperature.
3 When beef is in room temp, continue to cook it on the barbecue until desired cooking temperature.
4 Rest & cut, put seaweed powder on both sides.

For the pickled red cabbage:
• 200g Red Cabbage
• 200g Red Onion
• 100g Maldon Salt
• 300g Red Wine
• 400g Red Vinegar
• 300g Water
• 125 Sugar
• 1pc Star Anise
• 3pcs Clove
• 1tps Black Pepper
• ½ Pc Cinnamon Stick
• 1pc Dried Chili
• 1pc Bay Leaf
• 1tbs Hazelnut

1 Use electric sliver for slice the cabbage into 1-2mm strips. Place the cabbage on a tray and cover with the salt, mixing them together well and leave for 3-4hours.
2 Boil all the liquid ingredient with sugar into a pan for about 10mins and let them cold down.
3 Rinse the cabbage under cold water, dry it and vacuum together with the pickle juice.

For the Pickled Daikon:
• Daikon
• Pickle juice from the cabbage

1 Peel the daikon and use the Japanese mandoline to cut it like a string.
2 Wash it well and vacuum together with the juice and keep it for at least 2-3days

For the Red Cabbage Slaw:
• 100g Red Cabbage (Pickle Red Cabbage)
• 45g Pickle Radish Julienne
• 35g Seaweed
• 3pcs Red Oxalis
• 3pcs Dianthus Flower
• Pickle Juice Reduction
• Horse Radish

1 Cut pickle radish and seaweed into julienne and mix it with red cabbage. Add olive oil and a little horseradish then mix well.
2 Reduce the pickle juice to a thick sauce.

To Finish
1 Use the pickle reduction to draw the decoration on the plate.
2 Put some cabbage slaw on the plate. At the end put 3 oxalis and 3 dianthus flower

For the Béarnaise Of Australian Wild Pepper Berries:
• 23/10pcs Black Pepper Corn
• 6/4pcs Shallot
• 23/10g Australian Pepper Berries
• 5/3pcs Tarragons
• 23/12pcs Egg Yolks
• 700/400g Clarified Butter
• Little Water
• 3/2 Spoon White Wine
• 8/6 Spoon White Wine Vinegar

1 Black pepper corn, shallot cut to small, 5g pepper berry, tarragons in Thermomix, turn to speed 5 and 5 second.
2 Add white wine and white wine vinegar, turn to 90°C speed 2 and 6mins.
3 Cool down the pot to 70°C, and then put the egg yolks. Turn to 70°C speed 2 and 6mins.
4 Turn to speed 4-5 and add clarified butter slowly.
5 Crushed 5g of pepper berry add little bit water and put into the mixture.
6 Seasoning with salt and pepper and string.
7 Put some in plastic bottle. Put some in bottle and add two charger.

For the cabbage:
• Oxtail
• Wagyu Meat
• Flower
• Butter
• Garlic
• Chicken Stock
• Thyme
• Salt
• Red Cabbages
• White Wine

1 Grilled the oxtail and wagyu meat
2 Pass and skim the oil, pan fried the red cabbage until cabbage gold color
3 After take out all the cabbages, we pan fried the meat with some flour, butter, garlic and thyme, make nice grilled after can put white wine, make nice flavour. That time you can add water and chicken stock and put back cabbage
4 Cook until the cabbage is soft. Cut all the hard part from cabbages. Cook with the beef jus

For the cabbage chip:
• Red Cabbage
• Clarified Butter

1 Set a big pot of hot water, when water boiled put red cabbage in for less than 15sec and put in ice water
2 Use a towel to dry the cabbage
3 Use a rolling pin and roll the cabbage to make it flat. Brush some clarified butter on a balcony paper. Put the cabbage on the baking paper, and brush some clarified butter on the red cabbage
4 Put the cabbage in a dehydrator over bight or at least 4hours.

Recipe courtesy of Takashi Miyazaki