Lavender oil (for 10 people)

200g grape seed oil (from the cellar)

2g lavender

Green tomato sauce (for 5 people)

500g tomatoes

250g green tomato juice

75g lavender oil

8g salt

8g ginger (peeled and finely ground)

25g orange juice (freshly squeezed)

Summer squash marinade (for 5 people)

5 mustard seeds

5g coriander seeds

75g lemon juice

100g acacia honey

50g white balsamic vinegar

65g water

12g salt

2 g lavender

Prepare summer squash (for 5 people)

1 summer squash

140g roughly torn summer squash

2g pepperoni brunoise (peeled)

2 leaves Scottish lovage (chopped)


Fried sweet potato confit (for 5 people)

1 sweet potato

60g orange juice

5g orange zest

7g ground ginger

50 acacia honey

250g nut butter

10g salt

1.5g coriander, roast and ground

Finish summer squash (for 5 people)

5 fried sweet potatoes, cut into slices

summer squash salad

5 tsp almonds, roast and shaved

5 marinated summer squash slices

20 summer squash cubes

15 pickled green almonds

5 leaves Scottish lovage (finely cut)


Lavender oil

Vacuum the fresh lavender with the grape seed oil and cook at 58C for 12 hours in a water bath. Let it cool and leave to infuse for a further 24 hours. Strain through a Belgian sieve. Keep in a cool and dark place.

Green tomato sauce

Puree the tomatoes and strain through a fine Chinose sieve. Mix the rest of the ingredients together, strain through a fine sieve and leave to cool.

Summer squash marinade

Dry roast mustard and coriander seeds in a pan. Then, finely crush them in a mortar. Boil with the spices. Add lavender and allow to infuse in a cool place overnight. Then strain through a fine sieve.

Prepare summer squash

Summer squash slices: Peel the summer squash. Cut the summer squash lengthwise 5x1mm thick slices. Just before serving, marinade the summer squash slices with summer squash marinade for 30 seconds.

Summer squash cubes: Cut 20 9x9mm cubes from the summer squash. Grate the rest of the summer squash with a grater.

Summer Squash Salad: Mix the roughly torn summer squash with the remaining ingredients and season to taste. Add peppers depending on the degree of hotness.

Fried sweet potato confit

Peel the sweet potatoes and but in 5mm thick and about 9cm long slices. Confit the sweet potatoes with the remaining ingredients until soft. Fry quickly but sharply on both sides before serving.

Finish summer squash

Place the summer squash salad on the sweet potato slices. Sprinkle the almonds on the salad and then cover loosely with a summer squash disc. Briefly steam the squash cubes, marinate with the tomato juice and place around the summer squash salad. Garnish with green almonds and the Scottish lovage. Serve the tomato juice on the side.

Images © René Riis