Brown brine 5%(used for meats, livers & for flavour and anti-oxidant effects)

7qt water

325g kosher salt

230g light brown sugar

3 cloves garlic (crushed)

0.5oz aromatics (bay leafs, parsley, thyme)

5tbsp white pepper

10g pink salt

Pork rolls

1 piece of pork leg or shoulder(250g cooked meat after processed to make the roll)

Save the skin for crackling

Brown brine, to cover

1 sprigs thyme

1 cloves garlic


2.5g meat glue (per 250g meat)

Save the skin for crackling

Pork belly

2lb pork belly (makes 10 portions)

Brown Brine to cover


Red Sorrel Powder, to taste

Salt, to taste

Smoked apple puree (for 5 portions)

2.5ea honey crisp apples

50g sugar

0.5tsp ascorbic acid

0.5tsp lemon juice

50g water

1.5g apple pectin

Pickled tardivio

1ea tardivio

50g attika (Swedish vinegar)

50g sugar

50g water

1tsp ascorbic acid

Radicchio white kimchi

Yield 5 portions

2ea radicchio

Brine for osmosis

600g water

30g salt

Kimchi brine liquid

800g water

100g dashi

5tbsp sushi rice congee (measure it raw and then overcook it)

½ea apple (grind)

2tbsp onion (for grind)

½ ea onion (julienne)

20g salt

30g sugar

Mustard seeds

5tsp mustard seeds

20g attika

40g sugar

60g water

40g red beetjuice


Rapeseed oil, green parsley oil, mustard flowers and lucky sorrel.


Brown brine5%

Bring ingredients to a boil and let steep when everything is dissolved.

Pork rolls

Brine the pieces for 1 day in 5% brown brine.Place in bags with thyme and garlic. Cook for 12 hours (sous vide) in 80C.Take the meat out of the bags and pick down into smaller pieces. Get rid of any bones or cartilage in the mix. Save the liquid.Season the meat with salt and the cooking liquid.Add meat glue and mix well.Roll up the meat in a plastic wrap. If yielding less or more than 250g of finished meat adjust the meat glue thereafter.Place in fridge for activation of the meat glue.

Pork belly

Brine the belly for 12 hours in 5% brown brine.Place in bags and sous vide at 75C for 12 hours.Straight from the oven put under press for at least a couple of hours to a day.Remove the skin and save for the crackling.


Start by cleaning away all the fat from the skin.Place in the dehydrator at 35 degrees C for 2 days until they are fully dried out.Heat up oil to 400F and fry the skin golden brown.Place on paper and let it dry, cover them completely on one side with red sorrel powder and season with salt.

Smoked apple puree

Peel and cut down the apples into smaller pieces.Place them on the stove with the lemon juice, ascorbic acid, water and 75g of the sugar.Let them go on very slow heat for one hour or until they start giving of a transparent golden look.Place in smoker for 20 minutes with apple wood smoking bricks.Place on stove again and heat up with the remaining sugar and pectin.Transfer to vita mixer and turn it into a smooth paste. Cool down and place in piping bags.

Pickled tardivio

Mix attika, sugar, and water. Bring to a boil and cool down.Cut down the tips of the tardivio and place in the liquid with ascorbic acid.Compress tardivio in the liquid.

Brine for osmosis

Mix water and salt.Cut down the radicchio.Place them in the brine liquid for 4 hours.

Kimchi brine liquid

Slice 1/2ea onion.Grind 1/2 apple with 400g water.Grind 1 onion with 400g water.Mix all of ingredients for Kimchi brine liquid.Rinse Radicchio from brine liquid, and mix with kimchi brine liquid.Let it sit in room temperature for a day.Refrigerate and process fermentation for a week.

Mustard seeds

Boil attika, sugar, and water. Add mustard seeds.Let it simmer for 20 minutes.Cover and leave it out to steep for 1 hour.Add beet juice and store in fridge until serving.

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