Lychee juice base

1l lychee pulp

500ml lychee syrup


Grated lychees

500ml lychee juice base

18g gellan gum


Lychee foam

400ml lychee juice base

225g whipping cream

1g xanthan gum

4 gelatine leaves

2 gas cartridges


Frozen lychee powder

500ml cream

300ml lychee juice base

1g xanthan gum


Frozen lychee rock

250ml cream

150ml lychee juice base

0.5g xanthan gum

Liquid nitrogen


Dry lychee meringue

500g lychee pulp

15g tapioca flour

30g albumen powder


Maltodextrin snow

1 drop rose essential oil

20ml seed oil

40g maltodextrin



Lychee juice base

Mix both liquids and strain through muslin. Set aside for the following preparations.


Grated lychees

Bring the lychee juice base to the boil and immediately pour into a small square mould where it will be left to set. Add the gellan gum and incorporate with a hand-held blender until completely dissolved. Leave to set. At the last minute, grate with a Microplane.


Lychee foam

Hydrate the gelatine leaves. Mix the cream and the lychee juice. Heat a small amount and dissolve the gelatine in it. Mix with the rest of the cream and blend with the xanthan gum. Transfer to a siphon and insert the 2 gas cartridges. Chill in the refrigerator.


Lychee pearls

Chill the sunflower oil over an ice water bath. Whisk the powdered agar-agar into the lychee juice to dissolve, and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat and allow to cool but without setting. Use a large syringe to squeeze individual drops of lychee juice onto the chilled sunflower oil. Allow to set in the oil, then strain. Put the pearls in a small colander and very gently rinse under running water. Remove the excess water and set aside in an airtight plastic container in the refrigerator.


Frozen lychee powder

Mix the lychee juice with the cream and blend with the xanthan gum. Transfer to a Pacojet beaker and freeze completely. Pacotise in several batches and transfer the powder each time to a frozen container to prevent it losing its frozen texture.


Frozen lychee rock

Mix the cream with the lychee juice and blend with the xanthan gum. Pour into a small stainless steel bowl that is high enough to cover an 8 cm-diameter stainless steelladle. Place the bowl of the ladle in the liquid nitrogen until it stops boiling. Remove and leave for about 30 seconds. Meanwhile, whisk the cream and lychee mixture well to aerate. Dip the frozen ladle into the mixture without submerging it completely, and wait a few seconds. Remove, gently shake off the excess, and then return it to the liquid nitrogen for another 2 seconds. Wait a moment, then use a spatula to remove the frozen layer from the ladle. Store in the freezer at -30C.


Dry mychee meringue

Strain the lychee pulp though a muslin, then bring it to the boil combined with the tapioca flour. Cool and blend with the albumen powder. Refrigerate for 6 hours. Next, beat to a meringue consistency in an electric mixer. Use a piping bag to make small jagged rock shapes. Dry them at 60C in a dehydrator for 6 hours. Remove and keep warm.


Maltodextrin snow

Mix both oils and, gradually add the maltodextrin, kneading well with gloves to ensure the texture is completely smooth. Set aside in an airtight plastic container at room temperature.



Rose petal compote — make 3 small spots of rose compote in a line on a rectangular plate. On top of these, pipe 3 spots of lychee foam and flatten them a little with a spoon. Sprinkle a few lychee pearls along the top of these 3 little mounds. In keeping with the linear design, place small mounds of maltodextrin snow in 3 different places. Arrange 3 small broken lychee rocks on top of the maltodextrin snow. Scatter with some very fine strands of grated lychee. At the last minute, use a freezing cold spoon to add the lychee powder and the rock, broken into 3 pieces.