Serves 4


180g cleaned fish

2tbsp light soy sauce

Oyster sauce, drizzle

Pinch of white sugar

Pinch of white pepper, ground

Deep fried garlic

Pickled garlic, sliced

1tbsp yellow beans

50g ginger, shredded

25g spring onions, cleaned

Asian celery leaves

Coriander leaves

Sesame oil

White pepper


Place the fish fillet on a plate andcover with the soy and oyster sauces, sugar, pepper, yellow beans, pickled garlic, deep fried garlic and half of the ginger. Steam at a low heat until cooked. When cooked,cover the fish with the remaining ginger, spring onions, asian celery leaves and steam for a moment longer before serving with the coriander and sesame oil. Season with the white pepper and serve.