Serves 4


1.5lb spring salmon fillet, skin on, pin bones removed

3g salt

500mlcanola oil

Sorrel juice

50g sorrel

150mlapple juice

150mlice water

100mlcanola oil

3 sprigs parsley, leaves picked

1 pinch xantham gum

Salt to taste

Charred leek

2 leeks, whites only


Pickled apple

2 Granny Smith apples

200mlwhite wine vinegar

100mlwhite wine


40g honey

Salt to taste

To garnish

150mlcrème fraiche

12 baby turnips, washed, trimmed and blanched

12 sprigs chervil

12 leaves of sheep sorrel

12 thin slices of baby turnip

To serve

40g butter


Juice of half a lemon

60mlcanola oil

20g butter

100ml water



Remove the skin from the salmon, do not remove the scales, and reserve.Dust the salmon on both sides with the salt and keep in the fridge.Use a knife to scrape any excess flesh from the skin.Spread the skin on a silpat, cover with another silpat, then bake at 175ᵒF for 3-4 hours or until dry.Leave out to further dry overnight.Heat the oil in a small pot to 375ᵒF.Break the salmon skin into small pieces and fry until slightly puffed and crisp.Drain on paper towel, season and reserve in an air tight container.

Sorrel juice

Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.Pass through a fine strainer and check seasoning.

Charred leek

Remove the outer layer from the leeks and brush away any dirt.On a very hot plancha, char one side of the leeks.Place in the fridge to cool, then transfer to a vac-bag with some salt and seal on maximum vacuum.Steam for 6 minutes and refresh in an ice bath.Remove the leeks from the bag and cut into 1” pieces and keep in the fridge.

Pickled apple

Bring the white wine vinegar, white wine, water, honey and salt to a boil.Cool in the fridge.Cut the sides off of the apples, leaving box shaped cores.Use a small ring cutter to cut 16 nice barrels from the apple pieces.Place the pickler and the apples in a vac-bag and compress.

To serve

Remove the salmon from the fridge, cut into 8 even pieces and leave to come to room temperature.Place 2 large pans on the stove and turn on to high heat.Season each piece of salmon and add the canola oil to the pans.Place the salmon ‘skin’ side up into the pan and reduce to medium heat. Once the salmon gets a little color on it, flip it and add the water, lemon juice and 40g of butter.Remove the pan from the heat and baste the salmon until a cake tester passes through with no resistance.While the salmon is cooking, place another pan on the stove and add 100ml water. Once it boils, add the leeks, turnips and butter.Glaze and season the vegetables, adding the pickled apples at the last moment.

On four plates, make large swirls of crème fraiche.Drizzle some of the sorrel juice over the crème fraiche.Following the line of the swirls place 2 pieces of salmon on each plate then distribute the vegetables evenly, once again following the swirls on the plates.The dish should be arranged in a ring. Dress the shaved turnip with some lemon and garnish each plate with 3 pieces along with the chervil and sheep sorrel.Finish with pieces of the fried salmon skin.