Apart from all of the much-talked-over boring bits about quinoa being one of the healthiest food stuffs to brace the planet (it’s protein-rich, full of fibre and packed with magnesium, iron and lysine), this South American super-grain also makes a surprisingly delicious additive to salads, with its unique nutty flavour and textured bite. Michelin star chef Anthony Demetre of restaurant Arbutus and Wild Honey shares his recipe for the perfect quinoa salad with pheasant, pomegranate and chestuts –

Serves 6



2.5tbsp olive oil

40gmixed seeds

1/2tsp freshly grated nutmeg

1/2tsp ground cinnamon

2tbsp flat leaf parsley

2tbsp mint

120gpomegranate seeds

Half lemon zest and juice

320 grams skinned pheasant breasts

2 garlic cloves – thinly sliced

100gcrispy salad

50g– vacuum packed chestnuts, sliced


Pre-heat oven 170 degrees centigrade/gas mark 3.Cook quinoa in salted boiling water for 10-12 minutes. Drain and rinse under cold water, then, drain again. Set aside until fully dry then stir through one tbsp olive oil.Heat half tbsp olive oil in a frying pan. Toast the seeds until golden. Add the spices and heat through. Then, stir into a bowl with the quinoa, herbs, pomegranate, lemon zest and juice.Season and set aside.Heat tbsp olive oil in an oven proof frying pan. Fry the pheasant for 2 mins on each side. Add the garlic, roast for 8 minutes more in the oven. Season, rest for 3 mins then slice. Toss the salad with the pheasant slices in the pan that has been in the oven. Fold in the quinoa, serve from the pan and scatter with chestnut slices.

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