Chinese cabbage

Bamboot shoots

Monkfish liver




Ice filtered Chinese cabbage juice

Salt the chinese cabbage, then pour over the water and stew it. Once stewed, blend it into puree and freeze it. Cover with cheesecloth and defrost it on perforated metal rack. Save theclear liquid that drips from the cheeseclothand testit with constant tasting.Add some Kudzu starch to have right consistency and add a tiny bit of butter to be emulsified.

Bamboo shoot

Cut both tips off the bamboo shoot skin.Put water, bamboo shoot, rice bran and chili pepper into a saucepan beforebringing the water to a boil.Simmer until bamboo is cooked and then set aside tocooldown. Once cooled, peel it and cut into half.

Monkfish liver

Clean the veins off from monkfish liver.Season with salt and drizzle some Sake onto it.Roll with wrapping paper and steam. After it has cooled down, char it with a blow torch it and then mash it into rough puree.

Mushroom sand

Mince mushrooms and shallot. Saute it altogether in the pan until it goes brown and turns into powder.

To serve

Saute the bamboo shoot, place the raw wakame & monkfish liver puree. Pour the Chinese cabbage sauce and plate Bamboo shoot. Sprinkle mushroom powdered sand.

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