Serves 4


Spot Prawn Escabeche

20 spot prawn tails, shelled

225g olive oil

150g lime juice

60g shallot, minced

2pc red chili, seeded and minced


Lemongrass powder

5lb lemongrass, bottoms only, smashed and sliced

500mlcanola oil

100mllemongrass oil

32g tapioca maltodextrin

Crushed peas

1lb fresh peas, blanched

1bch mint, picked

Lemongrass oil

Salt and pepper

To Garnish

50g Valrhona Ivoire chocolate, in the freezer

A few blanched peas

Sprigs of mint

Pea tips

Edible flowers, such as begonia and/or marigold

Lime, juiced


Spot prawn escabeche

To make the escabeche, combine the oil, lime juice, shallot and chili in a bowl.Season the spot prawns and place in a vac-bag with the escabeche liquid.Cook in a water bath set at 45C for 15 minutes.Shock in an ice bath.

Lemongrass powder

Sweat the lemongrass in half the oil over medium heat for 20 minutes.Cover with the rest of the oil and continue to cook at a low temperature with a lid for 2 more hours.Using a hand blender, mulch up the lemongrass in the oil.Transfer to a container, cover with cling film and keep in the fridge overnight.Reheat and strain through a coffee filter.Using a whisk, stir some of the oil into the maltodextrin until a light and flavorful powder forms.

Crushed peas

In a food processor, pulse the blanched peas until they are well mulched but still chunky.Add the mint and season with the lemongrass oil, salt and pepper

To Garnish

Use a ring mold to shape four pucks of crushed peas on four plates.Remove the prawns from the bag and drain on paper towel.Arrange five prawns on each plate in a way that looks like prawns are spilling off of the pea.Dress the blanched peas with some lime juice and salt and sprinkle on each plate.Crush the frozen white chocolate and scatter on the plates.Dust each plate with some lemongrass powder and garnish with the mint, pea tips and flowers.