Serves 3


Spiny lobster

3 wild spiny lobster or “langouste royale”, tail only, head reserved for spicy broth, coral reserved to finish the sauce.

4l court bouillon

1 large metal skewer



250g sunchokes, peeled and quartered

80ml water

200ml cream

50g butter

10g sugar

8g fleur de sel


Spicy lobster broth

75g clarified butter

500g spiny lobster bones

75g whole butter

500g garden tomatoes, crushed

500g red pepper juice

1l lobster stock

100g green garlic

50g leeks

50g carrots

5g garlic

1 espelette pepper, whole-dried

10g sweet Genovese basil

5g English thyme

1 bay leaf

150ml cream

10ml lemon juice

Ground espelette pepper, to taste

Reserved coral


To serve

20 cerignola olive slivers

2tbsp spicy opal basil blossoms

6 pieces young violette artichoke confit




Spiny lobster

In a 6l pot, bring the court bouillon to the boil and add the skewered lobster, making sure the skewer is the length of the lobster tail so that the tail remains straight when poaching. Cover the pot, remove from the heat and let the lobster steep. After 12 minutes, remove the lobster from the court bouillon and discard bouillon. Chill the lobster on a small service tray lined with a linen towel. Once chilled, remove the lobster from the shell with a small pair of scissors, being very careful not to damage or cut the lobster and discard the shell. Cut the lobster into 6 perfect medallions and reserve.


Sunchoke purée

Add all of the ingredients to a 2l pot and glaze rapidly over a medium heat. When perfectly tender, purée the mixture on a high speed in a vita prep blender. When perfectly smooth, season with fresh lemon juice, strain and reserve.


Spicy lobster broth

In a large rondeau pot, add the whole butter and place over a medium heat. add the lobster shells and sweat well until bright red and beginning to toast. add the clarified butter and allow to lightly foam. Add the mirepoix (leeks, onions, carrots and garlic) and allow to lightly color. Add the crushed tomatoes and stir together, and allow to cook down to a marmalade. add the pepper juice and aromatics and reduce down again. Next, add the lobster stock and cream and simmer gently for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes strain through a china cap and lightly press the solids to extract as much cuisson as possible. Further refine the cuisson by swirling it through a chinois. Reduce the final cuisson by a third and season with fresh butter, reserved coral, ground espelette pepper and lemon juice. Strain and reserve for serving.


To serve

Gently warm the spiny lobster medallion in clarified butter. Season with salt andplace a 150g dollop of sunchoke purée on one side of a flat soup bowl, and place the lobster on the other side. Place the artichoke in the middle and garnish with basil blossoms and olives. Serve piping hot broth at the table.