Serves 4


400g Queensland spanner crab meat (cooked)

20g crème fraiche

1/2 bunch chopped chives

20ml lemon juice

500g varieties of heirloom tomatoes

1 avocado

20ml grape seed oil

Salt flakes

30ml Robert Oatley olive oil

1 punnet Micro mache

Tomato vinaigrette

200g vine ripened tomatoes

30ml maple syrup

15ml balsamic vinegar

1 spring rosemary



Mix the crab, crème fraiche, lemon juice and chives.

Cut and slice tomatoes to achieve desired presentation.

In a food processor puree avocado then slowly emulsify in grape seed oil. Season with salt flakes. Place in a piping bag or container.

For the tomato vinaigrette, place all ingredients in a small pot and place over heat until the tomatoes start to blister. Remove the rosemary sprig then blitz all in a food processor until smooth. Pass through a chinois or fine sieve. Put mix in a piping bag.

Arrange tomato and crab on a plate to achieve the desired presentation. Pipe on tomato vinaigrette and avocado puree. Season tomatoes with salt flakes, dress with olive oil and garnish with herbs.

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