Serves 6


Crab cake

500gr of raw Australian spanner crab meat

60gr white sesame seed


100g of fresh fava beans

50gr chopped garlic

25gr ginger brunoise

20gr olive oil

15 gr chopped chives

20 gr soy sauce

To serve

4 hearts of romaine lettuce

10 gr of olive oil dressing

10 gr of paprika


Crab cake

Divide the crab meat in a 25g bowl, then mold them into a 40mm diameter ring, and pan them in the sesame seed, keep in the fridge. You should have 20 pieces for 4 people.


Warm the olive oil in a pan, add the chopped garlic, and fried it, you need to obtain a nice golden color, ad the ginger and the fava beans and cook it together for only 2 min, add the soy sauce, and finish with the fresh chives.

To serve

Separate the leak of romaine, wash them in cold water and dry them on paper towel. Put the dressing in a bowl and put the salad inside to season them.Warm some olive oil in a pan and pan-fried the crab cake, you need to obtain a light golden color on both side, add some paprika powder on top.Put harmoniously the condiment on the bottom of the plate, put the crab cake on top, and finish with the salad.

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