Serves 8-10



500g white crab meat

Sweet peacream

300ml chicken stock

335g garden peas

150g unsalted butter

50ml double cream

20g caster sugar

8g salt

Mango anddashi sorbet

40g glucose syrup

½ tbsp dashipowder

15ml Kikkoman Soy Sauce

200g mango puree

200g water


3 egg yolks

Tspof dijon mustard

1tbsp white wine vinegar

Salt to taste

200ml vegetable oil

Lemon confit

2 lemons

30g sugar

30g white wine vinegar

Lemon and Kikkoman soy gel

500ml apple juice

200ml lemon juice

15g sugar

10ml Kikkoman soy sauce

1.5g gellan lt100

7.5g gellan f

To serve

20g podded peas from their shells

Edible flowers and/ or pea shoots

Thinly sliced breakfast radish


Lemon and Kikkoman soy gel

Bring all ingredients except the gellans to the boil, once boiled add the gellans and whisk for 2 minutes just under boiling point, place into a bowl over ice and whilst cooling use a hand blender to break up any setting lumps, keep blending until smooth and totally cool, pass through a sieve and place in plastic squirty bottles.

Mango and dashi sorbet

Dissolve the glucose and dashi with the Kikkoman Soy Sauce, mango puree and water, churn in an ice cream machine and freeze untilrequired.

Sweet pea panna cotta

First make thesweet pea cream by bringing all the ingredients up to a gentle simmer for 5 minutes, next blitz and pass the liquid and taste for seasoning,soak ¾ of a bronze leaf of gelatine in cold water until soft, weigh 400g of the sweet pea cream and whisk in the gelatine whilst still warm, pour a small amount into a desired mould.

Crab mayonnaise

Steam or boil the live crab for 12-15 minutes depending on size and refresh into ice cold water, whilst cooling make the mayonnaise by whisking the egg yolks and mustard and vinegar together. Next gradually whisk in the oil very slowly so it emulsifies and thickens to mayonnaise consistency. Season and place in fridge until required.

Crack the crab claws and pick out all the white crab meat, pick through a few times to remove all the shell. Mixwith a small amount of the mayonnaise until the right consistency check for seasoning.

Lemon confit

Peel 2 lemons keeping the strips as whole as possible, blanch them three times in separate pans ofboiling water. Whilst blanching them, make a stock syrup from 30g of white wine vinegar and 30g of sugar reduce this down to a syrup and chill. Next slice the blanched lemonvery thin and add to the syrup once the syrup is cold.

To serve

Place a spoonful of crab mayonnaise onto the pea panna cottaand flatten down, next arrange the popped garden peas, then the lemon confit strips, followed by the edible flowers or pea shoots. Finally add a small ball of the mango and Kikkoman dashi sorbet on the top of the panna cotta. Pipe dots of the lemon gel on top of the crab randomly and serve immediately.

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