2 x 3.5kg sole fillets

Brown butter




600g milk

400g cream

10 mushrooms

¼ celery

2 celeriac

Noilly Prat

8 kaffir lime leaves

1Lchicken stock

Brown butter

Lemon juice


Celery oil

250g celery leaves

250g parsley leaves

500g sunflower seed oil


Basis for the millet

60g confit onionSchalotten confit

30g dried ceps

2 green celery brunoise

6 slices jamon iberico

100 g clarified butter


Green butterfor millet

550g butter

15g salt

10g garlic

40g almond flour

10g lemon juice

20g miso

150g parsley

150g chervil

150g spinach



200g millet

1 spoon of the compot basis

1 l chicken stock

Green butter


Cream of Buddas hand

70g Bhuddas hand

3 fennel

150g olive oil

40g sugar

Juice from two lemons

75g sugar

4g pectin


Oyster seaweed cream

100g fresh oyster

20g oyster water

50g egg whites

200g sea bream

10g chicken stock


40g chervil

200g olive oil

200g sunflower seed oil

Lime juice

Lemon juice

3.5g Xanthan


Marinated buddhas hand

60g syrup

2 tbsp gin

70g lime juice

6g salt

200g mineral water

Zest of 2 limes andlemons

20g fennel leaves

20g coriander

5g verbena

3 sticks lemongrass

60g sugar




Cook the fillets in a sous vide with the brown butter and lemon.



Make astock from the ingredients by roasting the vegetables and then blitzing.


Basis for the millet

Confit all of theingredients togetherin the brown butter.


Cream of Buddas hand

Cook the vegetables with the lemon (blanched7 times) and thensous vide the mixture at 85C.When cooked,caramelize the sugarbefore adding the pectin to thicken the mixture.Pass through sieve and put aside until use.

Oyster seaweed cream

Mix everything together until the mixture has emulsified and has the consistency of mayonaise.


Marinated buddhas hand

Start by infusing the syrup with the other ingredients. Blanch thebuddhas hand slices and then marinate 3 times with the herb-infused liquid.


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