Smoked leek

4 leeks

Handful of dryed hay


Smoked leek

Bake the leek for 1 hour until soft. Then take off the first 3 layers of skin and smoke with the hay. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.


Goats cheese

250gof fresh goat cheese

3 onions, sliced



Sherry vinigar

1tbpof honey

6 sprigs of fresh thyme




Goats cheese

Confit the onions with some thyme, garlic, sugar and vinegar until soft and golden brown.Season the goats cheese with the chopped confit onion, honey, salt and pepper.


Garden herb salad

salad of flowers, herbs of the garden

2 slice of old sourdough bread in thin slices and baked in olive oil



10ml veal juice

1tsp sherry vinegar

2tspport, sherry wine, or cognac

Sprig of thyme

2tspof truffle juice and trimmings

10ml roasted walnut oil



Boil the veal juice and all the other ingredients minus the walnut oil for5 min. When done, add the walnut oil and allow to rest.