Yuzu jelly

150g yuzu juice

30g white sugar

3g agar-agar

2g gellan

20g water

30g mirin

Smoked eel mixture

300g cleaned smoked eel

5g lemon juice

1⁄2 lime zest

50g olive oil

30g soft mustard

To serve

800g smoked eel mixture

16 squid ink bread chips

100g yuzu jelly

Mustard leaves, for garnish


Yuzu jelly

In a pan heat all the ingredients until boiling, then chill. Mix all the ingredients in a bamix until getting a jelly texture. Keep the mixture aside until next use

Smoked eel mixture

Mix all the ingredients until getting a smooth mixture. Keep the mixture a side until next use.

To serve

Spread the smoked eel mixture at the bread chips in two layers. Put some yuzu jelly pip on the top of the bread ships. Garnish the dish with some mustard leaves.

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