4x 100g salmon paves

200g sea salt

4 pink grapefruit

1 cucumber

20g white wine vinegar

1 lemon

2 avocados

8 breakfast radish

100ml olive oil

Coriander cress

1 head fennel

50g sugar

7g agar agar



First remove all akin and sinew from the salmon fillets. Then mix the zest of 2 grapefruits and 1 lemon with the 200g of sea salt, then evenly cover the salmon and leave for 20 minutes to marinade. After 20 minutes wash off all of the salt and leave to rinse for 5min under a cold running tap. Then wrap each piece of fish tightly in cling film.

Pink grapefruit

Finely grate the remanding 2 grapefruits and juice all four. Place 50g of sugar 50ml of water and the juice into a pan and bring to the boil, once boiled add the zest remove from the heat and cover with a lid, leave to infuse for 10 min then pass. Measure out 500ml of liquid, add a spoon full of the liquid to the 7g of agar agar to create a paste then whisk this paste into the boiling juice and cook out for 2min then allow to setat room temperature. Once the mix has set firm the put into a food processer and blitz until a smooth gel is created.


Peel the avocados and place into the food processer along with the juice of one lemon and a pinch of salt, blitz to a smooth puree.


First peel the cucumber and use a pierisanne scoop, to make small balls of cucumber, mix 20g of white wine vinegar, 20ml olive oil and a pinch of salt, place all into the container with a sealed lid and shack well then leave to marinade for a minimum of 1hr before service.

Both the radish and the fennel are served thinly sliced and raw.

To serve

To serve have a pan of water at 53°c and place the salmon in the Clingfilm into the water for 13min, all the other ingredients are served at room temperature, arrange them on the plate first, then add the salmon and garnish with the coriander.