Serves 4



200g wild scottish sea trout, cured, top loincure

100g kosher salt

25g sugar

10g black pepper

5g fennel seeds

10g orange zest

10g chopped dill


Pea shoot coulis

300g pea shoot coulis

250g pea shoots

25ml olive oil

3g salt

300ml water

0.5g xanthum gum



Scottish sea trout

Wrap the trout loin in a single layer of cheese cloth. Cover the bottom of a small plastic container with the cure mix and top with the trout. Cover with salt and cure for 9 hours. once cured, remove the cheese cloth from the trout and rinse. Allow to air dry in a refrigerator for 3 hours. Finally, slow-poach the trout in clarified butter for 10 minutes at 50c, then slice into 6 medallions and season with salt and the mandarin orange zest.


Pea shoot coulis

Place all of the ingredients except for the water and xantham gum into a vacuum pack bag and steam on high for 8 minutes. Once cooked, blend with the filtered water and the xantham gum. Strain through a fine mesh chinois and reserve in the refrigerator until needed.


To serve

Place the filet of the sea trout in the middle of a 10-inch plate. Build a delicate salad of pea tendrils, mandarin supremes and freeze dried peas around it. Dress with
a little extra virgin olive oil and then top the trout with a generous portion of the kaluga caviar. Serve the pea shoot coulis at the table.