Serves 4-6


Braised Wagyu beeftongue

800g Wagyu beef tongue

50g onion

50g carrot

10g garlic

40g leek

75g tomato

1 bouquet garni

6g salt

3g black peppercorn

200g chicken stock


Almond tofu

100g almond, peeled

100g apricot kernel

500g milk


BeeF tonGue JerKy

150g cleaned beef tongue

10g star anise

3g black peppercorn

4g pink salt

8g grey salt

0.8g ceylon cinnamon stick


Aged mandarin and plumjam

100g smoked sun-dried plum

5g aged mandarin orange rind

40g lemon jus

Star anise powder



Corn flake

378g corn kernel

30g cake flour

150g water

10g vegetable oil

10g almond Oil

2g salt


Smoky corn consomme

1.6kg veal stock

240g lean beef, cut into chunks

60g onion, chopped

100g egg white

180g lightly burnt corn kernels

Ardbeg whisky correyvreckan



To serve

Baby pakchoy, sous- vide with olive oil

Organic sweet corn kernels



Braised Wagyu beeftongue

Caramelise the onions. Bring a pot of water to a boil. And prepare a bowl of ice water beside. Blanch the beef tongue in the boiling water and ice bath immediately. When chilled, carefully peel off the outer layer of tough skin on the tongue. Place beef tongue, caramelised onion, and all other ingredients listed in sous-vide bag. And cook sous-vide at 78C for 8 hours. Cut it into a cuboid. Keep in cooking liquid. Before serving, reheat the beef tongue in cooking liquid. Season with salt and pepper.


Almond tofu

Using a blender, blend the peeled almond, apricot kernel and milk together. Allow the mixture to infuse for one night before straining the mixture with cheese cloth. In a small sauce pot, add agar agar to the strained almond milk and mix well. Cook the mixture at 85C for about 8mins. Transfer mixture to a tray and chill. When the almond tofu is set cut into 0.8cm brounise and set aside.


Beeftongue jerky

Freshly grind the star anise, black peppercorn and cinnamon stik into rough powder. Mix the spice mixture with pink salt and grey salt. Rub the mixture on the cleaned beef tongue. Cure the beef tongue for 6 hours and rinse away the spice and salt. Freeze the tongue and thinly slice it with ham slicer. Dry the tongue in a dehydrator at 60C for 8 hours or more till dry.


Aged mandarin and plumJam

Soak the mandarin orange rind in some hot water to soften. Keep the water aside. Blend the plum, star anise powder with aged mandarin orange rind. Add some soaking liquid and lemon juice to adjust the thickness. Pass the mixture to fine sieve.


Corn flake

Steam the corn for 5 minutes. Cool down and blend the kernels with oil, salt into smooth purée. Mix in the cake flour by hand. Transfer the mixture into a piping bag. On the baking sheet with silpat, pipe into small round dots with enough space in between to spread out during baking. Bake at 140C for 20 to 30 minutes until golden brown.


Smoky corn consomme


Clarify the veal stock with the mixture of mince beef, onion, egg white and caramelized corn kernels. Before serving, reheat and add Ardbeg whisky á la minute.