Serves 4


1 sepia (normal size) for approximately 4 people, starter portion


80g mayonnaise

100g cream

50g piccalilli

Black tapioca pearls

50g tapioca

Small bag of squid ink

1tbsp soy sauce

1tbsp rice wine

1tbsp olive oil

A small amount of lime zest


2 creamy hass avocados

1tbsp coriander

1tsp lime juice

1tsp lime zest

Citrus condiment

145g lemon juice

60g cane sugar

36g olive oil

10g white soy sauce

Fleur de sel

Candied red bell peppers

1 red bell pepper

Olive oil, to taste

Marinated shii-meji

2tbsp sushi vinegar

120g shii-meji (white beech mushroom)

Red bell pepper sorbet

450g red bell pepper coulis

92g sun dried tomatoes

38ml lime juice

2 tarragon leaves

13g tarragon vinegar

4 basil leaves

37ml arbequina olive oil

75ml water

150ml white wine

20ml soy sauce

230g peeled tomatoes

8g red bell pepper

20 strokes of black pepper

11ml xérès capirete

107g palatinose

5g stabilizer

8 drops of tabasco

Squid dressing

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp ponzu

2 tbsp basil oil

2 tbsp delicately chopped, roasted pine nuts

Small amount of delicately chopped, candied bell pepper

Small amount of delicately chopped basil

Ink tuile

26g pine nuts

12g lemon zest

300g panko

70g miso

9g bonito flakes

30g black olives

35g sushi vinegar

4 small bags of squid ink

50g soy sauce

16g trisol

60 g malto

550ml water

Sweet and sour shallots

1 recipe sweet and sour mixture

1 shallot

55g mustard seed

15g sushi vinegar

15g rice wine

(sweet and sour mixture)

30g tarragon vinegar

250ml water

2g coriander seeds

1.5g white peppercorns

1 sprig thyme

3 sprigs tarragon

25g granulated sugar

To finish

Piccalilli of tierenteyn



Delicately grated mojama (dried and salted tuna fish)

Salmon eggs



Using a cleaned squid, cook the squid and olive oil sous vide for 30 minutes at 50c. Let it cool. Slice the squid in long, thin strips and sprinkle with olive oil, season with pepper and salt. Briefly fry the strips in a dry, non-stick pan and cool down in the refrigerator.

For the piccalilli mayonnaise

Mix both ingredients and add the whipped cream. Season with salt and pepper.

Tapioca pearls

Cook the tapioca three times and use fresh water each time. Rinse thoroughly. Marinate with the squid ink, soy sauce, rice wine, olive oil and a small amount of lime zest.


Blend all ingredients and pass through a sieve.

Citrus condiment

Cook the lemon juice with the cane sugar until you get a syrupy mass. Add the white soy sauce and the olive oil. Season with fleur de sel.

Candied red bell peppers

Preheat the oven to 190c. Put the red bell pepper together with some olive oil in a baking dish. Roast the red bell pepper for 20 minutes in the oven until it’s almost black. Let it cool down for a while, peel the red bell pepper and pour the juice from the baking dish through a sieve. Mix the juice with a few tsps of good quality olive oil and put the red bell pepper, sliced in strips, back in the dish. Season with salt and pepper and heat until it reaches its boiling point. Let it cool down immediately.

Marinated shii-meji

Cut the caps off the white beech mushrooms. Bring the vinegar to the boil and pour over the mushrooms. Let it marinate for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Red bell pepper sorbet

Blend the ingredients in a thermomix. Let it rest for a while. Sieve and churn until you have sorbet.

Squid dressing

Mix the olive oil, ponzu, basil oil, roasted & chopped pine nuts, candied red bell pepper and the delicately sliced basil.

Ink tuile

Mix the panko with all liquid ingredients and soak for just under an hour until everything is black. Put the mixtures in the thermomix with all the other ingredients except for the malto. Blend very well and pass through a sieve. Add the malto to the mixture. Spread it out on a silpat and dry in a food dryer/ dehumidifier at 60c until it’s crispy.

Sweet and sour shallots

For the sweet and sour mixture, bring all the ingredients to the boil and pass through a sieve. Cook the mustard seeds for 45 minutes in chicken stock. Let it cool down and marinate in rice wine and sushi vinegar.

Slice the shallots into a desired shape. Add the cold sweet and sour mixture and sous vide to cook the shallots.

To finish

Put the cold squid strips on the plate and cover with the following: delicately chopped piccalilli, cream of piccalilli, black tapioca, cream of avocado, citrus condiment, strips of red bell pepper, violets, liquorice, mustard seeds, delicately grated mojama (dried and salted tuna fish), salmon eggs, red bell pepper sorbet, a piece of ink tuile and the marinated shii-meji. Serve the dressing separately.