Serves 6


1 gelatine leaf

100g unfrozen juice made from wild raspberries

1 large, top-quality beetroot

A dash of raspberry vinegar

Birch leaf oil, for seasoning

6 tbsp thick yogurt at room temperature

Ice (made from fresh raspberries kept frozen since the summer), to finish


Soak the gelatine leaf, melt it gently, then drain and add to the raspberry juice in another bowl. Allow it to dissolve, then place in the fridge to cool and set. Peel and grate the beetroot and season it with raspberry vinegar, birch leaf oil and salt for a delicate savoury garnish. You need enough oil to coat the beetroot and a bit of acidity to give the freshness without overpowering the flavour. Leave to marinate for about an hour. Spoon little piles of beetroot, yogurt and raspberry jelly onto a plate, starting with elements that are at room temperature, then finish with the ice.

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