Serves 6


1kg Carrot, peeled and diced

1kg Beetroot

150g Heirloom carrot, peeled

150g Baby white radish, peeled

75g Baby corn

75g Spring onion

75g Snow pea

150g Fresh broad beans

25g Sprouted chickpea

150g White asparagus

150g Green asparagus

50g Tomato (from Amakko)

100ml Dashi

10ml Mirin

10ml Soy

100g Creme Fraiche

500g Rock Salt

1kg Fine salt

25g Butter

Zest of 1 lime

10ml Grape seed oil

10g Tempura flour

2.5ml Ponzu sauce

Salt & Pepper, to taste



To obtain carrot purée: Juice 1kg of carrots and bring to a boil. Strain. Blanch the remaining carrots in carrot juice for 18 minutes. Strain. Put in thermomix and add seasoning. Blend until smooth and strain. Add crème fraîche, butter and set aside.

To obtain beetroot purée: Make a salt crust by combining rock salt and fine salt, and add water to form a dough. Bake beetroot in salt crust at 200oC for 1 hour. Once cool, peel beetroot and blend in thermomix until smooth. Add butter, set aside.

Glaze heirloom carrot with butter and lime zest until soft. Keep radish in iced water until plating. Brush corn with grape seed oil. Barbecue on a flat grill for 2 minutes on each side. Add a pinch of salt to season. Remove first layer of spring onion skin, wash and pat dry. Dust the root with tempura flour and deep dry at 175oC until crispy. Season to taste.

Blanch snow pea in salted water for 25 seconds. Cool in iced water and strain. Blanch broadbean in salted water. Cool in iced water and peel. Melt butter and soy sauce, glaze broadbean for 20 seconds.

To plate: Brush with purée and arrange vegetables.