Serves 4


Seabass fillet 1.2kg, boneless (or around 150g per person)

The ‘crush’

4 raw fresh sardines

4 oysters Guillardeau No3

½ shallot, finely chopped

12 chives

1 tomato (peeled, desseded and diced)

1 pinch chopped lemon confit

12 clams

Iodine line (for 25 pax)

6 oysters,shell removed

Seaweed emulsion

100 ml oyster jus

100ml seabass stock

1 sea lettuce sheet

1 spinach leaf


To serve

4 razor clams

4 sea lettuce sheets

20g fresh sea asparagus



Cook in a steamerwith water at 80C for 18 minutes in order to obtain a portion of 120gm at 52 C at the centre.

The ‘crush’

Chop sardines and oysters then add the aromates: diced tomato, chopped shallot, chives, lemon confit.

Seaweed emulsion

Boil the oyster jus and seabass stock, pour on the seaweed and spinach leaf. Mix in a blender and strain immediately. Keep in a squeeze bottle.

To serve

Set the ‘crush’in a metal ring, ona rectangular plate at room temperature. Place the seabass on the crushed place 1tspof ‘iodine line’next to the razor clams. Place the fresh sea asparagus around it. Warm the razor clam under a salamander or in the oven prior to plate it next to the iodine line.Finish with Seaweed emulsion, and 20g of blanched sea asparagus per person.

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