10g curry leaves

5g hing or asafetida

20g sesame seeds (black or white)

20g chaat masala

30g basmati Rice

50g red chili powder

Seabass with curry infusion
300g seabass,filleted and skinned

50g red onions,fine chopped

25g ginger,sliced

25g curry leaves

15g black mustard seeds

15g turmeric powder

30g tamarind paste

20g red chili powder

15g fenugreek seeds,roasted

150g coconut milk

50g coconut oil

Black salt,to taste

Sugar,to taste

Bengali mustard powder

100g maltodextrin

35gBengali mustard oil

Black salt

Pineapple gel

1kg fresh pineapple,skinned and center removed

100g ginger paste

25ggreen chillies

10gcumin seeds,roasted


250g brown sugar

20gblack salt

10g xantana



Roast all ingredients and rough grind the spices. Set aside until ready to use.

Seabass with curry infusion

Prepare the filleted seabass by portioning into 100g each.Heat up the coconut oil and add in the red onions, and ginger until fragrant.Once fragrant, add curry leaves, and seeds to roast. Continue roasting for 2 minutes then add turmeric powder and red chili powder.Coconut milk is added to a simmer.Season well with black salt and sugar.Transfer the mixture to a blender and blend thoroughly.Once blended, let it chill on an ice bath.Put the portioned fillets with the curry infusion and let it marinate.Place the fillets in a vacuum bag covered in the infusion.Seal it at 100% and ready to sous vide at 56C for 15 minutes.

Bengali mustard powder

Place the mustard oil in a mixing bowl and start whisking while adding a little maltodextrin at a time. Once fully incorporated, the mixture should look like a powder.

Pineapple gel

Blend the raw mangoes into a puree.Heat up oil with ginger, cumin, and chillies until fragrant. Then add in turmeric and continue roasting for another 30 seconds.Pour in the raw mango puree.Bring it up to a simmer and let it simmer until thick.Once it has become thick, season with sugar and black salt.Blend the puree one more time with a high speed blender with Xantana until smooth.Pass it through a fine sieve.Chill it down on an ice bath and set aside until ready touse.

To serve

Place the Pineapple gel around the plate and Sous vide seabass on the center dusted on with gunpowder mixture. Draw a line across the plate with mustard powder and garnish with salty fingers and borage flowers.