Raw scallops

Maldon salt

Mandarin zest and juice

Roasted and chopped hazelnuts

Truffle julienne

Raw shaved chestnut mushrooms – wild harves, to garnish.

Truffle puree

250g chestnut mushrooms cut into quarters

2 x banana shallots sliced

200g Perigord truffle trim washed

2 cloves garlic

5g salt

5g celery salt

2 tbsp squid ink

Truffle oil to taste

800ml water

Brown butter dressing

250 brown butter

50 water

5g salt

20g lemon juice

Dashi Jelly

100g dried scallop skirts

2 ltr water, filtered

15g kombu seaweed dried

10g Dashi powder

80g smoked dried scallop roes


Truffle puree

Colour the mushrooms in a pan with olive oil till golden.Add the shallots and garlic, turn down heat and sweat till soft with no colour.Add the truffle trim andwater.Season and simmer for 30/45 mins.Blend in batches adding truffle oil squid ink and salt to taste.Pass through chinois and then must be passed through the muslin sock and then chilled immediately.

Brown butter dressing

Co,bine all ingredients and set aside until needed.

Dashi Jelly

Infuse all the ingredientsfor 1 hour at 60c then strain through muslin. Season with soy sauce to taste and salt.

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