Serves 4


4 scallops

12 nasturtium leaves

4 baby cucumber flowers

12 cucumber balls

Elderflower pickle

200ml white wine vinegar


Horseradish cream

100ml thick double cream

40g fresh horseradish

Dill oil

100g fresh dill

100gsunflower oil

Cucumber ash

Cucumber skins



Slice scallops into 3-4 slices depending on size of the scallop.The scallops will only need to be marinated in the pickle for a couple of minutes before plating.

Elderflower pickle

Pour hot white wine vinegar over elderflower and allow to pickle until needed.Pass through muslin before serving.

Horseradish cream

Infuse double cream with horseradish for 1 hour.

Dill oil

Blanch the picked dill in boiling water for 8 minutes then refresh in ice water.Squeeze out the liquid and place in the dehydrator until dehydrated.Blend with sunflower oil for 8 minutes on speed 8.Pour into a tray on ice and put into blast freezer to cool as quickly as possible.When cool, hang through double muslin, put in a squeezy bottle.

Cucumber ash

Chargrill the cucumber skins, once blackened but still in one piece, flake off.Further dehydrate blackened cucumber strips for at least 8 hours until dry.Blend on a high speed in the Thermo for 10 minutes until a very smooth dust.

To serve

In the centre of a plate place the horseradish cream then place the slices of pickled scallop around.Spoon on the dill oil and garnish with the cucumber balls, cucumber flower, dill and nasturtium leaves.

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