As Head Chef of LIMA London, Robert Ortiz is a master of Peruvian cuisine, combining European ingredients with South American flavours. This dish of scallops tiradito reflects the simplicity, vibrancy and freshness of his cooking…

Serves 12


36 scallops

50g chia seeds

100ml of water

50ml of olive oil

120ml of rocoto leche de tigre

Black salt

Amaranth cress


Open the scallops and clean them, removing the roe. Rinse them in salted water and blast chill at minus 32 for 7 minutes. Place them on a container and leave in the fridge until need it.

Wash the chia seeds in cold water and place in a squeeze bottle with the 100ml of water and reserve

Cut the scallops in strips or slices, arranging 3 per plate. Season with black salt, rocoto leche de tigre, chia seeds, olive oil and finish with the amaranth cress

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