Serves 12


Asian vinaigrette

2 tbspwhite soy sauce

2 tbspdark soy sauce

2 tbspyuzu juice

6 tbspsunflower oil

2 tbspsesame oil

2 tbspsweet chilli sauce

Juice of 1 lime

2 slices ginger


Acacia honey

Lentils with Asian spices

1 shallot

2 red pepperoni

Sesame oil

500ml vegetable stock

50g yellow lentils

50g red lentils

50g Beluga lentils

50g Puy lentils

50g mountain lentils

4 coriander stalks without leaves

5g pickled pink ginger

5 shiitake mushrooms


12 scallops in shell

100g foie gras

36 Shimeji mushrooms

6 pak choi leaves

1 lime

½ tbsptangerine vinegar

1tbspdashi St. Jacques

½tbsplemon oil

1 dash of sudachi juice


Asian vinaigrette

Mix all ingredients together. Let infuse with the ginger for one hour, then sieve and season to taste with salt and honey.

Lentils with Asian spices

Soak all the lentils separately on the day before. Peel the shallots and with one of the pepperonis, cut them roughly into small pieces. Sauté with some sesame oil, add the vegetable stock, bring to a boil and let cool down. Sieve the lentils and cook each variety separately with the sieved vegetable stock for about 2-8 minutes (yellow and red lentils 2 minutes each, all other varieties 6-8 minutes each), then refresh in cold water. Remove the stalks from the shiitake mushrooms, then dice, roast in a little sesame oil and lightly salt. Cut the second pepperoni into brunoise, briefly blanche in boiling salt water and immediately refresh in cold water. Finely cut the coriander stalks. Mix all ingredients together and season with half the Asian vinaigrette and some salt.


Cut open the scallops with a blunt knife, remove muscles and innards and put the roe to one side. Briefly water the shell, then dry it and don’t refrigerate it again. Wash the roe, then pass through a fine sieve and in a bowl, season with a dash of cold water, tangerine vinegar, dashi St. Jacques, lemon oil, sudachi and salt, until it reaches a creamy texture, then fill into a bottle with small nozzle. Cut the pak choi leaves in half lengthways. Blanche the stalk first for 12 seconds in strongly salted water, the submerge them completely and immediately refresh in cold water. Tap them dry, spread them and marinate with some of the Asian vinaigrette. Cut the shimeji mushrooms, fry in some sesame oil, lightly salt and marinate with some Asian vinaigrette.

To serve

Season the scallops, add some oil and in a hot, cast-iron pan, sear on both sides. For tempering, cover and put into a 50C preheated oven. With the roe cream, draw a zig-zag line on the plate, then place the marinated reversed shimeji mushrooms on the top three corners. On the bottom corner, push the lightly drained lentils into a ring. Flatly half the tempered scallops and again season the cut surfaces. Place on the lentils, place the pak choi around them and then shave the frozen foie gras over the scallops. Season the foie gras with salt, pepper and some Asian vinaigrette.