Serves 2 to 6 people


Sanuki Wagyu beef sirloin

japanese matsutake mushrooms


chicken carcass

japanese sake

Soy sauce



Saishikomi soy sauce


Cut the beef sirloin into 5mm slices. Then cut the matsuake mushrooms. Grill the leek over heated charcoal, then cut into slices. prepare a chicken broth by cooking the chicken carcass with the water and sake. Adjust the taste with soy sauce, sugar, mirin and saishikomi soy sauce. Mash the leek and simmer in the broth. Plate the sirloin on a hot toban skillet along with the matsutake mushrooms and grilled leak. Pour the broth over the dish and serve.

Note |In Seiji’s cuisine, the ingredients are different everyday. Depending on the characteristics of each product, different quantities of the ingredients are used to adjust the balance of the dish. Consequently, the recipes don’t contain any measurements.