50g Grilled Butternut Squash

30g Baby Spinach

20g Heritage carrot shavings

20g Asparagus Crudite Green & white

10g Heritage Beets Crudité

10g Radish Shavings

25g Red & Yellow Bell Pepper Batons

5g Enoki Mushrooms

10g Caramelized Macadamia

2g Maldon Salt

3g Mixed micro cress

Truffle honey ponzu sauce


Orange juice

Truffle oil

Samba dressing

200g mango

200g red apple

50ml rice vinegar

20g onion

50g tomato

2g salt


Grill Kaboocha for 3 minutes.Marinate in the Truffle Honey Ponzu sauce for 2 minutes.Set to the side.Season the spinach with the Samba Dressing.Take the different elements (Vegetable shavings) and assemble them together with the grilled Kaboocha and the enoki mushrooms.When assembling a salad it’s important to put the elements that are the heaviest in the bottom and the lighter on top.Finalise the salad with the different selection of cress and with the caramelized Macadamia.Sprinkle the final salad with the truffle honey Ponzu and season with Maldon salt.

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