Serves 4


Cucumber consume

½ whole cucumber

½ lime, juiced

Salt and pepper, to taste

Compressed cucumber

¼ cucumber, peeledinto ribbons

2tbsp cucumber juice

Pickled cucumber

¼ cucumber, peeledinto ribbons

2tbsp caster sugar

2tbsp rice vinegar

4tbsp water

1tsp sea salt

Bournoisete capers

100g capers, drained

50g butter, salted

1tbsp lemon juiced

To serve

200g salmonfillet

5g caviar

1tsp lemon creme fraiche

Cucumber flowers, to garnish

Viola flowers, to garnish


Cucumber consume

Juice the cucumber in your juicer, whole with skin on.Add your half a juiced lime to the liquor and store in the fridge until needed. Use on the day of making for it to taste at its best.

Compressed cucumber

Mix ingredients together in a sous vide bag and seal then leave to infuse.

Pickled cucumber

Bring your water, vinegar and sugar to the boil and remove from the stove.Add your prepped cucumber to the vac bags and add your liquor over the top and seal.Leave to pickle for at least 4 days and use within 1 month.

Bournoisete capers

Heat your pan over a medium heat, add your butter and then add your capers. Sautee them for about 3 minutes making sure you keep the capers moving every half a minute. Just before you take them off add a squeeze of lemon to the butter and cook out for about 30 seconds.Once done take them off the stove and drain on a cloth.Place in your dehydrator for 6 hours or until crispy. Then store in a cool dry place until needed.

To serve

Add your Salmon to the bowl, then dot your lemon cream fraiche around it.Add your two different types of cucumber ribbons to the plate next followed by capers, caviar and flowers.Serve with the cucumber consommé on the side.

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