Tasting notes

Serve with JING Nilgiri Frost Black Tea.Its light and crisp delicate flavour with hints of apple and barley provides a refreshing contrast to this deep, warming dish.Nilgiri is one of India’s great tea regions, often overlooked in favour of Darjeeling and Assam.

Serves 4


240g of salmon filet, cut into 20g slices use three slices per person

8 pieces of green shiso leaf

4 spring onions, finely sliced

2 carrots, thinlysliced

100g daikon, thinly sliced

4 pieces nori paper

200g green tea soba noodles

50g wakame

1 enoki mushroom

Genmaicha broth

1.2 L dashi stock

100 ml mirin (sweet sake)

100 ml sake

50ml light soya sauce

25 ml yuzu juice or use half lemon and lime juice

10g of JING Genmaicha in muslin cloth or tea bag


Genmaicha broth

Simmer broth and allow to infuse the tea in broth for 6 minutes.

To serve

Cook Green tea soba for 4 minutes and refresh in ice water use 200g of soba noodle ( you can buy green tea soba online or in Asian supermarkets) and use 50g per person.Slice 4 spring onions very finely use 1 spring onion per person.Slice 2 carrots and blanch in dashi and refresh in ice water when required.Slice 100g daikon radish in thin slice and cook in dashi and refresh in ice water.Rehydrate 50g of wakame seaweed and divide into 4 portions.Use 1 piece of enoki mushroom and divide into four pieces.

Place noodles into each bowl and arrange daikon, carrot and spring onion. Place the salmon on top of the vegetable with the wakame seaweed to the left and the enoki mushroom to the right, add the sliced shiso leaf on top and then pour the hot simmering broth over the fish. Pour until the fish is just covered with broth. The fish will be cooked by the time it gets to the table.Finish with some sliced up nori paper to finish broth and serve.

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