Serves up to 12



Jerusalem artichoke, peeled

Salsify, peeled

Chervil root, peeled

Mazuko root, peeled

Lotus root, peeled

Parsnip, peeled

1kg Rock salt

200ml Crème fraîche

50g Smoked butter

100g Salted butter

200ml Vegetable stock

1 Lemon, zest extracted

Black pepper



To obtain smoked butter: Place butter in a smoker for 2 hours. Remove and chill.

To obtain celeriac purée: Place 1 whole celeriac on a bed of salt. Roast at 180oC for 40 minutes. Cool down, peel and blend in thermomix with crème fraîche. Season to taste. Strain in fine sieve.



To obtain celeriac sauce emulsion: Peel 1 whole celeriac and press through slow juicer. Bring juice to boil and season to taste. Add smoked butter and emulsify. Peel the last celeriac and cut into small cubes. Cut 1 of each peeled artichoke, salsify, chervil root, mazuko root, lotus root and parsnip into desired shape. Braise all root vegetables in vegetable stock, glaze with butter, add lemon zest and pepper to taste.



To obtain lotus root and artichoke chips: Slice 1 peeled lotus root and artichoke, wash and pat dry. Season with salt and rest for 10 minutes. Wash and pat dry. Deep fry slices at 160oC until golden brown.


To obtain mazuko root: Wash 1 peeled mazuko root. Slice very thinly with mandoline.


To plate: Brush with purée, arrange vegetables and topped with sauce emulsion.