Serves 4


Roasted fennel

1 large fennel bulb

4 fennel roots

Fennel Juice

Fennel Leaves

Fennel oil

50g fennel stems

50g white onion puree

15g fresh fennel leaves

50g olive oil

Coal oil

100 incandescent charcoal (glowing)

100ml sunflower oil

Potato puree

200g Russet potato (roasted in the skins)

3 cloves garlic, pureed

25ml olive oil

25ml hot milk



Roasted fennel bulb & roots

Roast the fennel bulb in the oven at180°c with olive oil, salt and sugar, wrapped in foil.Reserve and allow to cool.Roast fennel roots with olive oil, salt and sugar. Reserve and allow to cool.

Fennel oil

Blanch the stems and leaves, then blitz with puree and oil.Pass through a fine sieve and place in a squeezy bottle.

Potato puree

Remove the potato from the skins, pass through a drum sieve add the roast garlic, hot milk and beat until light and smooth, reserve.Add to a blender the incandescent charcoal and sunflower oil. Perfectly triturate without any sediments. Reserve until needed.

To Serve

Take the fennel bulb, trim and cut in half and half again.Reheat with the fennel root in a hot oven.In the centre of the plate spoon on the potato puree.Place on the fennel and root, dress with the fennel juice and coal oil and garnish with the fennel leaves.

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