Serves 4


4 x 120gms Hake portions

500gms heritage tomatoes

1 x small courgettes

Basil leaves

4 x potatoes sliced

100ml white wine vinaigrette

Olive oil for cooking 25 ml


Prepare the vegetables.Slice courgettes and cook in olive oil. When ready, leave to one side until needed. Meanwhile, chop the tomatoes and basil and dress with the vinaigrette. Leave this to marinade at room temperature. Next slice the potatoes thinly and fry in olive oil until crispy.To finish the dish, heat the olive oil in a non stick pan and colour the fish on one side for two minutes, then turn over and continue to cook the other side for two minutes.While the fish is cooking, add the courgettes to the tomato marinade and dress all together.Finish by adding the potatoes.

To serve, place the heritage tomato salad on a dish and with the fish on top.