Duck & Champagne is an exclusive four-course Saturday lunch showcasing the skill and expertise of the Chinese kitchen. Accompanied by Louis Roederer Champagne, guests will enjoy Roast cherry wood Peking duck – the restaurant’s signature dish prepared over forty-eight hours – cooked with rare Chinese ingredients and techniques resulting in a series of exquisite dishes unique to the restaurant. The Duck & Champagne menu is for two to share and includes:Bottle of Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne, blue crab salad, cherry wood roasted Peking duck with steamed black truffle mantou,Imperial caviar and sesame pancakes, duck and abalone supreme stock with egg fried rice andNashi pear and Champagne mousse with cotton candy.


1 Peking duck

1 black truffle

Mantou (steamed bao buns)

1 tablespoon sugar

1 cucumber

1 leek

1 pot Imperial caviar

1 tbsppea shoots

1bunch shiso leaves

1 daikon

4 garliccloves

1 bunch chives

1 bunch borage

1 Chinese radish


1tspsesame seeds


1tspsesame oil

1/2 chopped red chilli

1 small onion

1 garlic clove

1tbsprice wine

1tbspsoy sauce

Billingtons sugar

Duck Sauce

1tbspoyster sauce

1tsp sesame paste


1tspShao-sing wine

1tbsphoisin Sauce

1tspred bean curd

1tbspsoy sauce


Pea shoots

Shiso leaf





Chinese radish

Roast duck

First take a whole Peking duck. Stuff it with lemon grass, garlic, salt, sugar and Chinese Five Spice. This will maintain the moisture and perfume of the meat when roasting.Shower the duck with hot water mixed with vinegar, lemon juice and sugar to give flavour and caramelise the skin.Hang to dry for minimum of 24 hours at 3 degrees – this prepares the meat and skin to separate when roasted.Roast in a fire stone oven (or normal oven), with cherry wood, for 1 hour at 138C (20 min) then 175C (40 minutes).

To serve

Imperial caviar and black truffle mantou buns

Carve the duck.Serve with the black truffle mantou (steamed Chinese bao buns), shaved truffle, sprinkle of sugar, thinly sliced cucumber and raw leek, duck sauce. Garnish withImperial caviar

With sesame pancakes

Carve the duck.Serve with sesame pancakes on the side with a variety of meat textures – roasted / crispy andjuicy / rich andsucculent. Garnish with duck sauce,mixed leaves and thinly sliced cucumber and raw leek.

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