Serves 4


River perch

4 river perch

Olive oil



Sweet & sour

1l organic vinegar

660ml water

330g sugar

10 peppercorns

5 star anise

3 laurel leaves

1 whole red pepper


Lardo bacon

100g pork belly

100g sweet and sour


Fennel Juice

200ml celeriac broth

200ml cockle juice

White vinegar


Lemon juice

1 fennel



Young Fennel

Young fennel

Ice water

Olive oil

Lime zest


Baked Apple

2 granny smith apples

100g beurrenoisette

Lime, juiced

Shallot Gravy

5kg shallots

3 laurel leaves

15g peppercorns

750ml vermouth

7l chicken stock

1l veal gravy

Apple beurrenoisette


White vinegar


Sake Cream

800g yogurt

200g egg whites

1 lemon, juiced

400ml sake

200ml sunflower oil

600ml milk

25g agar



River perch

Fillet the river perch and remove the bone. Place the fish skin side down on an iron dish and place into the chiller. Remove the perch from the chiller and cut into the desired shape before allowing it to thaw. Hold the skin of the perch over a gas flame until crispy. Rub the perch with oil and season to taste with salt. Cook the fish for approx. three minutes in anoven heated to 120C.


Sweet and Sour

Place all of the ingredients in a pan and reduce down into a thick sauce.


Lardo Bacon

Dice the pork belly into cubes and place them in the sweet and sour tomarinate until required.

Fennel Juice
Ferment the fennel with the xantana and salt to extract the juice. Mix thefennel juice with the rest of the ingredients and season to taste with thesalt.

Young Fennel
Cut the fennel into thin slices and place them in ice water. Remove thefennel from the ice before serving and marinate with olive oil, lime zestand salt.

Baked Apple
Cut the apple into quarters along the core. Place the apple in a vacuumbag with the lime juice. Then vacuum seal and allow to infuse for anhour. Open the bag, pour away the juice and add the beurre noisette.Vacuum seal thebag again and place into a water bath for 1 hour at 60C.Remove the apple and let it cool. Once cooled, hold the apple over a gasflame until it goes rich brown in colour. Then cut the apple into slices andreserve until required. Reserve the apple infused beurre noissete for theshallot gravy.

Shallot Gravy
Finely slice the shallots and place them in a pan with the oil over alow heat to slowly caramelise. Add the laurel leaves and peppercorns,vermouth and chicken stock and let the mixture boil and partially reducedown. Add the veal gravy and continue reducing to 3 litres. Strain thegravy through a fine chinois. Then, place it back in the pan over a lowheat and allow it to simmer with the apple beurre noisette and butter until it reaches the right
consistency – it should be a thick gravy. Season to taste with white vinegar.

Sake Cream
Mix the yogurt, egg whites, lemon and sake together in a bowl and slowlyadd the oil. Bring the milk to a boil in a pan over a medium heat, then addthe agar and allow it cook for at least 1 minute. Carefully add the milk and
agar mixture to the sake yogurt mixture then blend until smooth.

To Finish
Heat the lardo bacon in the shallot gravy. Serve each part according tothe dish pictured.