Hollow Chocolate Robe Rivermade from tampered chocolate

Chocolate ice cream

Creme Anglaise

450 g milk 3%

450 35% cream

180 g egg yolks

90 g sugar

Chocolate mousse

880 g Cream Angels

800 g dark chocolate 60%

880 g whipped cream yogurt texture

Cocoa sauce

450 g of water

450 g sugar

135 g cocoa

85 g Kahlua liqueur

Crunchy nougat

600 praline paste

350 g Eclat d’or

Chocolate twigs (in cold water) after it is firmly Spread cocoa butter and sprinkle of ground pistachio nuts

Rubble – candied hazelnuts painted in bronze

Sand chocolate made from chocolate pastry

Coriander leaves painted in bronze


Creme Anglaise
In a pot place the milk, cream and one-third of the sugar and bring to a boil. In a separate bowl place the remaining sugar and the egg yolks and beat well. After the liquid is boiled doing comparing temperature and return fire only mix with a spatula. Authorize up to 82 degrees.

Chocolate mousse

After the Angels is ready, place the chocolate in a deep bowl and pour over the hot Angels and set aside until the chocolate is melting. Mix with a hand mixer to a smooth homogeneous elastic and texture. Pour into a large bowl the chocolate mass and cooling (if necessary) to 40 degrees. Fold in the whipped cream. Pour into a boxes and place in the refrigerator for overnight, before serving, place the mousse into a pastry bag.

Cocoa sauce

Place all together in a pot, bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes over medium heat.

Crunchy nougat

Mix the two ingredientstogether.

To serve

Sprinkle the chocolate sand(chocolate dough baked and crumbled) on the plate and the gravel of hazelnuts. Fill the robe chocolate with mousse, chocolate sauce, crunch and chocolate ice cream and place on a plate, garnish with chocolate twigs and coriander leaves painted in bronze.