Serves 4


Saffron reduction

190gchicken stock

4gsaffron powder


2ltchicken stock

320gCarnaroli rice

80ggrated Parmigiano

70gdry white wine


50gsaffron reduction

15gwhite onion, minced

12gextra virgin olive oil

5gfresh lemon juice

4gdark liquorice powder

1gsaffron threads

Pinch of salt

Pinchof caster sugar


Saffron reduction

Dissolve saffron in hot hen broth.Simmer until reduced toa third.


Toast rice in wide pot with extra virginand onion, add wine and evaporate.Add salt and saffron threads, continuecooking, adding 30 gr. of saffron reductionand then vegetable gelatin broth, a ladleat a time. Once cooked, remove from heatand energetically stir in butter, Parmigianoand lemon juice. Emulsify with a littlevegetable gelatin broth and ladle onto a flatplate, allowing risotto to spread. Sprinklewith liquorice powder and garnish with afew drops and brush strokes of the saffronreduction.

Tip|The quantities of saffron and liquorice usedmay vary according to intensity.


The same risotto, with the additionof grated orange zest and parsley stirredin after cooking can be garnished with dropsof a blood orange reduction insteadof the liquorice powder.

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