Rhubarb compote

1kg fresh rhubarbs

1 vanilla stick

30g sugar

Angelica mousse

200g angelica syrup

350g cream

250g yoghurt

4 soaked gelatine leaves

Frozen milk

100g milk

100g cream

Angelica syrup

600g sugar



Angelica oil

100g angelica

200g oil


230g sugar

50g water

4 egg whites


Rhubarb compote

Combine all the ingredients in a vacuum bag and let the bag simmer for 1 hour.Open the bag and strain the liquid from the rhubarbs.Remove the vanilla stick, pour the rhubarbs into a pot and blend with a hand blender.Let the rhubarb compote simmer for 20 minutes to let some of the liquid evaporate.Pipe the compote into forms and freeze.

Angelica mousse

Heat the syrup to 60°C and dissolve the soaked gelatine leaves in the syrup.Add the yoghurt and 100 g of the cream to the syrup.Whisk the remaining cream until it gets fluffy.Gently fold the whipped cream into the syrup mixture.Pipe into forms and freeze.

Frozen milk

Whisk cream and milk until it foams (approx. 2 minutes).Transfer the foam with a spoon into liquid nitrogen.When the milk is frozen, transfer it to a container and gently break it into smaller pieces.Keep in a freezer.

Angelica syrup

Rinse, dry and chop the angelica; store in a container.Boil the sugar with the water and pour it over the angelica.Refrigerate until needed.

Angelica oil

Rinse the angelica, dry and chop.Blend the angelica and oil in a Thermomix for 6 min at 60°C.Strain an transfer to a piping bag.Suspend the piping bag to remove all the liquid.


Combine water and sugar in a pot and heat to 100°C and leave to cool.Whisk egg whites until they are stiff.Gently pour the sugar syrup into the egg whites while whisking briskly.Spread the meringue out on non-stick paper and dehydrate over night at 65°C.When the meringue is dry, break it into smaller pieces.

To serve

First, place the rhubarb compote on the plate.Cut the angelica mousse into four pieces and place over the rhubarb compote.Add some of the oil on each of the mousse pieces.Sprinkle the broken merengue over the mousse.Cover the whole dish with frozen milk.

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